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Boost Your Practice’s Profitability

Partnering with us for your medical billing needs offers numerous benefits including revenue optimization, streamlined administrative processes and enhanced focus on patient care.

Increased Insight into the Billing Cycle

When it comes to your revenue management cycle, transparency is crucial. One error can cost you hundreds of dollars that could be better spent on patient care. My Medi Billing is a partner in your business growth, not just a provider of billing services.


More Revenue from Each Patient Visit

Many billing providers just take the bare minimal steps to help you grow your business. We are more than simply another billing firm. My Medi Billing promises very high claim acceptance rate.

On-Going Education for Your Team

My Medi Billing is knowledgeable with all aspects of the billing laws. We are aware of everything you require to maintain compliance and get the payment you are due. Every month, our team leaders arrange phone conferences with your office manager to review all necessary claims. If required, we visit and instruct your personnel on how to complete the documents correctly.


Total Practice Billing Compliance

Adhering to regulatory guidelines, maintaining accurate documentation and implementing robust processes. By prioritizing compliance, healthcare practices can minimize risks, protect their reputation and optimize revenue. Our comprehensive approach to total practice billing compliance includes regular audits, ongoing education and expert guidance.

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