WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE MyMedibilling.com?

My Medi Billing is a full-service revenue cycle management company in the USA. Additionally, we enable medical practices to improve their financial results. Since we are a revenue cycle management company, we assist in flourishing in the healthcare sector. With its cutting-edge solutions, we have similarly altered healthcare companies. Additionally, My Medi Billing offers support to several medical practices helping them survive. As a result, it helps to ensure the financial viability of your business.

Trusted by thousands of physicians, patients & medical centers around the country

We strive for quality in Medical Billing Services. Furthermore, we integrate process improvement with industry-leading experience. We also partner with physicians and hospitals to provide innovative solutions that make care more efficient and effective. As a result, we are ushering in a new age of high-quality healthcare & your practice is in a better position with us.

Our Services

You receive more than simply a billing solution when you work with MyMediBilling.com. You will be assigned medical billing professionals that are committed to assisting your practice’s success. The services we provide to our clients are listed below.

Accurate and Timely Claim Submission

Collecting and tracking daily diaries received from providers, entering patient demographics with 48 hours of receipt, verifying correct insurance payers, obtaining electronic payer IDs, submitting primary and secondary claims electronically and/or manually

Continuous Insurance Follow-up

​​Immediate correction of rejected claims from our clearinghouse, monthly follow-up on unpaid claims, refiling corrected claims and completing appeals when needed, immediate communication with you, or your office staff, regarding terminated policies

Payment Posting and Patient Billing

Entering payments and adjustments from insurance EOBs/ERAs, posting patient payments, managing patient accounts for over-payments, tracking missed appointments, mailing out patient statements, sending out collection notices on unpaid accounts, sending accounts to collections

Handling of all Patient Billing Questions

Answering any questions patients may have via phone or email, processing patient credit cards when needed, arrangement of payment plans, sending out itemized statements for tax purposes and medical saving accounts, access to an online patient payment portal 

Practice Management Software

Choice of using our free in-house software or your current software. We understand every providers needs are different and we are always willing to work with you. 

Financial and Statistic Reports

Access to over 30 reports showing the financial health of your practice including, but not limited to, patient remainder aging, collection agency, reimbursement, payroll, and practice analysis reports. These reports can be requested at any time.

“I’ve been using MyMediBilling for years. I had the bad experience of working with another service, and my stomach knotted every time I spoke with them. They are responsive, simple to deal with, and, perhaps most importantly, trustworthy.”

Brett Vasquez, MD

Minimal input from you
MAXIMAL results from us.

"Satisfaction of our Clients and their Patients is our #1 Priority!"

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